A bit about me...


Hey, how's it goin? I'm Jon Sullivan, or as most people call me, Sully.

I got my first good electric guitar (a 1983 BC Rich NJ Warlock) at 14, and did my first pickup swap on it out of necessity. I’ve been working on guitars in one form or another since then. I learned a lot from my guitar teacher and all around good guy who kinda kept me out of trouble as a teenage Sully, Steve Harnack. He owns Park Avenue Guitarz in Lombard, IL, and he built me my first custom guitar when I was 16. 

I build high performance instruments that incorporate modern features (stainless steel frets, compound radiused fretboards, improved ergonomics), yet feel comfortable and allow you to create. From a design standpoint, I like to walk the line between something that's familiar and something that's more modern and fresh.

Overall, everything I build is made with the player in mind. Yes, the guitar should look great, play great, and sound great, but when you pick it up, it should get out of your way. 

Cool. what kind of guitars do you build? 

Here's the Sully Guitars model lineup and the two headstock options. Both headstocks can be reversed or in standard orientation. The Aero headstock is available for all models, and the Raven headstock is available on all models except the '71. All models are available in 6 or 7 string configurations, and basses have been known to happen from time to time. Lefties are welcome, and there's never an additional charge.


I'm pretty flexible on colors; as long as I can find a paint code (or a swatch), we're good. That said, here are a few samples of solid colors, trans finishes, and metal flake finishes to get the wheels turning.

Roger that. What woods do you use?

 Want Alder? You got it. Want Spanish cedar? Heck yeah. Mahogany? Sure! Basswood? You bet your asswood! While I’ve got my favorite woods to work with, I’m all about building YOUR guitar out of materials you’d like. If you’ve got a rough idea of what you’d like and want some advice, or want me to fill in the blanks, I’m happy to do so. Same thing goes for neck profiles; if there are a few profiles that you love, I’ll do my best to work with that and build you something that feels like an old friend.

Construction options

Generally I build guitars in a bolt on or a set neck construction, but neck through is an option, of course. Figured tops are certainly available, as well as oiled necks. By default, I use stainless steel frets for a permanent slinky feel, but if you want traditional nickel, that's all good, too.

What else?

 Planning a custom order is exciting and can be a lot of fun, and I’ll do everything I can to assist in building your dream guitar. During the build process, you’ll get pictures and there’s always the possibility that your guitar could show up in an episode of Sully’s Guitar Garage!

What I can offer you are guitars that come from the heart. It's an honor to build tools for musicians that help them communicate. We’ve all got our ideas and preferences, and I’d love to work with you to make a special guitar that makes you smile when you see it, and gets out of your way and lets you create when you play it.