Galaxy V

Everybody loves Vs. They're like puppies in that way. They're unlike puppies in every other way, though. The Galaxy V is well balanced (that's right, neck dive here!), looks great righty or lefty, and just flat out rules. Pricing begins at $2750.

Available specs: 

Galaxy Vs are available in set neck or neck through construction, can be 25.5 or 24.75 scale, 22 or 24 frets, your choice of Floyd Rose, Tune-o-matic, Schaller Hannes, or Tone Pros wraparound bridges (sorry, kids, no Bigsbys). Your Galaxy V can be fully bound, have figured tops, feature contoured neck heels and cutaways, and much, much more!

Galaxy V in action!

Dee J Nelson with his trusty Galaxy V! Get the album "It's Alive!" here

Galaxy V Gallery