Conspiracy Series 

Pricing begins at $1099!

The Conspiracy Series is a line of instruments based on the Sully Guitars models that you already know, along with some additional twists specifically for the product line. The Conspiracy Series guitars are built in South Korea by World Musical Instruments (WMI); this is the same highly regarded factory that builds Schecter, PRS SE, LTD, and of course, the wildly successful Ormsby GTR line. The guitars will be shipped to Sully Guitars HQ and inspected by me before they go to you.

While the Conspiracy Series will be expanded throughout the year, I'm excited that the '71 and the Stardust made their appearance at NAMM 2018. This page will be updated with more information and photos, and you can stay connected and updated at the Conspiracy Series Facebook Group - a truly collaborative experience! As we get closer to the arrival of the guitars to Sully HQ, padded gigbags and additional upgrade options will be made available. Those who pay in full for their pre-order will get their gigbag included as well as free shipping in the US. There are many payment options available, including interest free installment plans, so be sure to check them out.

Pre-orders being February 1, and will be available for a limited time; while there's the possibility of some extras being ordered, they'll be based on what was pre-ordered. Those who pre-order will get some extra case goodies, too. Don't miss out!

Click the one you want, and let's go, yo!