Conspiracy Series Run 2 - Choose your own adventure by clicking the guitars below.

The Conspiracy spreads...

The Conspiracy Series is a line of instruments based on the Sully Guitars models that you already know, along with some additional twists specifically for the product line. The Conspiracy Series guitars are built in South Korea by World Musical Instruments (WMI); this is the same highly regarded factory that builds Schecter, PRS SE, LTD, and of course, the wildly successful Ormsby GTR line. The guitars will be shipped to Sully Guitars HQ and inspected by me before they go to you.

I knew that Run 1 of the Conspiracy Series should feature the '71 Starling, the '71 SD, and the Stardust, but I faced a challenging decision about the next step. The Raven would of course be part of the next run, but should it be on its own? What about the 624 or the 624T?  Inspiration struck and the Elita became an official model, and now we have four. After months of thinking and sanding and sanding and thinking and sanding and sanding and sanding some more, I decided to simply open the floodgates and bring the Raven, the Elita, the 624 and the 624T into the Conspiracy Series for Run 2.

Just like in Run 1, you'll be able to pre-order your Raven, Elita, 624, or 624T in an array of colors and sparkles. You'll have the choice of a hardtail bridge or a Floyd Rose Tremolo. And just like the guitars in Run 1, the Conspiracy Series Run 2 is packed with features; laminated necks for stiffness, compound radius fretboards, stainless steel frets, Luminlay side  position markers, custom pickups wound to my specs, and Hipshot locking tuners all come standard. Oh, I also designed a pretty rad gigbag to carry it around in. And just like in Run 1, there are multiple payment options for your convenience. 

The pre-order window will only be open for a short time, so don't miss out; those who pre-order have opportunities to save some dough and get some fun case candy, too. 

 As always, you can stay connected and updated at the Conspiracy Series Facebook Group - a truly collaborative experience where we discuss new runs and ideas.

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