Z-Poxy and color

Your videos are great and often just in time.  I caught the one on grain filling and your use of the Z- Poxy.  Now I have some of my own, but before I use it would like to know if this will still allow me to  wipe on alcohol based aniline dye over the filled wood ?  ...or do I have to spray with the dye in the clear ?  I have a pile of 5A quilt maple that I really want to do the black thing, sand off, then go over with the yellow or amber, etc. before I burst the edges.  Will the Z-poxy block this plan ?   Tell me your secrets, oh great one. The veneer vacuum is on its way and life is so short !  ;)

Once applied, the Z-poxy is essentially a thin veneer, so you'll need to spray over it with the dye in your clear. That said, keep in mind that you don't need to grain fill maple; I'm reading your question with the thought that you plan to put Z-Poxy over your maple top. There's no need for that; maple's grain is tight and not porous like Ash, Mahogany, Walnut, etc.