Foist of all, yer videos are entertaining and educational...although you should drink a better beer. :)

Moving on, while I have not seen ALL of your shows, I "think" I saw one where you said that you don't do your own electronics.  (and I don't blame you!) What I want is ONE (1) "Fender type" Jazz Pickup and an output jack!

That's it! No Volume control! No Tone control! Not two pickups....ONE! One Pickup, going full HOT to the  output jack! Nobody seems to accomodate what I desire as far as ONE cheap Jazz PU, let alone tells me how to wire ONE directly to the jack.

I KNOW it has to be rather simple, and I know VERY little about electronics. What I desire is to use a " Fender JAZZ" NECK" P/U and route the cavity at an angle to make the E string more towards the bridge, and the G more towards the neck. Again.. NO TONE OR VOLUME CONTROLS!  Just an output jack....and a ground.


First things first....Guinness is damn tasty. I'll hear nothing to the contrary!

I do my own wiring, but I did have a friend help with the P-Rails/Piezo setup on an LP that I rehabbed. The wiring you're describing in theory is super easy; wire the hot output from the pickup to the output jack's hot terminal, and wire the pickup's ground wire to the ground terminal on the jack. Easy peasy. The only issue is making sure you got enough lead wire from the pickup. Worst case scenario, you extend the wires a bit.