Uncle Sully's Kickass Guitar Building and Taco Appreciation Academy (USKGBaTAA for short)

Want to have a fun guitar building experience with your ol' pal Sully? Hell yes you do! Especially now, when a new class has been announced! So stroll over to the Building Courses page and get in touch! 

Another weekend comes to a close and another guitar building course is complete! Steve and Chris came to Sullyville and made themselves a kickass 624 body to take home with them. We had a blast, for sure!

Yeah, great, Sully, but I’m sick of seeing other people have fun doing this. How can I get in on this awesomeness?!?!?!
— You
Don’t hate; participate! Come sign up for the 4/26-4/27 class!!!
— Sully

Look at all the fun you could be having!