Tired of missing the boat?

Have you seen a new Sully Guitars t-shirt advertised on social media only to find that the stock has sold out? Good news! I've recently created a shop over at threadless.com and now I'm happy to say that you'll always be able to get yourself some high quality Sully swag whenever you damn well please!

But how can I get some?

It's easy! Sully Guitars merchandise is not available in stores, but rest easy, friend; that Sully shirt you've always wanted is just a click away! Simply click this link right here or click on the design that you'd like to have on a shirt, or a hoodie, or maybe even a coffee mug, and treat. yo. self!

With a variety of designs and colors, there's bound to be something that you'll love! As with all things Sully Guitars related, stay tuned, as we'll be adding more designs and products (pint glasses, stickers, etc)!

Don't delay, order today!

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Be like Trish!

With each Sully shirt I buy, I put off needing to do laundry another day!
— Trish - Sheboygan, WI