Holy cats, an offset? Yep. I had wondered how the elements of a '71 might look if rearranged and morphed into an offset body style, but with a more clean and modern look.  I also wanted it to look like something that Bowie would have played, and here we are! While it has a retro-futuristic aesthetic, rest assured; the Stardust is very shred-ready and will be right at home with high output pickups and lower tunings. 


The Stardust features bolt on construction, your choice of the Aero or Raven headstocks (in regular or reversed orientation), slash or block outline inlays, 25.5 scale, stainless steel frets, with or without a pickguard, and your choice of Hipshot hardtail, two point tremelo, or Floyd Rose locking tremolo. The Stardust can be ordered as a 7 string, or a baritone, and with all Sully Guitars, no Bigsbys.

Base price for the Stardust begins at $2450.