About the '71

Imagined in 2009, the '71 was an idea that took me a few years to materialize. It started as a simple pencil sketch, and I kept erasing and drawing and erasing until I took the next step and made templates. The templates helped me see the design in the material world and was refined further. As I was building the first '71 in early 2013, the finishing touch occurred as a result of a happy accident, and after a few prototypes, the '71 became fully realized.

The '71 comes in a few different configurations; the Conspiracy Series has the '71 Starling and the '71 SD (Stevie D Signature model). The US custom shop has the '71 Limited, and the Sully Guitars flagship, the '71 Trella. 

buckcherry's Stevie D and his conspiracy SEries '71 sd - Photo: Anthony Frisketti


The '71 features set neck construction, 22 stainless steel frets, 25.5 scale, ebony or rosewood fretboard, slash or block outline inlays, dual humbuckers, Hipshot tuners, and your choice of a Tone Pros wraparound bridge, Schaller Hannes bridge, or Floyd Rose locking tremolo. All '71s are contoured at the neck heel, inside the cutaway, and of course, there's a belly carve. '71 Trellas also have lap contours for that extra comfy feel. 

Pricing begins at $1199 for the '71 Starling, $1249 for the '71 SD, $2850 for '71 Limited, and $3450 for the '71 Trella. 


Yep, The '71 Starling is one of the first Sully Guitars models to be available in the Conspiracy Series. What's that, you ask? The Conspiracy Series is the production line of Sully Guitars made by our partners in South Korea. Available with many of the same features as the custom series, at a lower price point. Click here for more info

'71 FAQs

"What's the difference between a '71 Limited and a '71 Trella??"

I'm glad you asked! The easiest way to tell the '71s apart is the top. If it's got a carved top, it's a '71 Trella. If it's got a flat top, or a flat top with a forearm bevel, it's a '71 Limited. If it's from the Conspiracy Series, it's a '71 Starling. 

"What's a 'Trella?'"

Trella is the name of my Mother in law, who passed away in November 2014. I could go on and on about how wonderful she was, but I'll just say that we had an instant shorthand between us. Maybe it was that we were both musicians/creative types with similar senses of humor, I don't know, but she called me son and meant it. It seemed fitting to me that the flagship '71 be named in tribute to her legacy. 

'71 Limited Gallery

'71 Trella Gallery


Nothing can make you sound like a rock legend. This guitar might make you into one, though.
— Eli G.