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Guitar Building Classes

Wanna learn how to build a guitar? Of course you do; guitars are awesome! Never built one before, or you don't have much woodworking experience? No problem! Classes are tailored to your level of experience. You can still build something that you'll be proud of, even if you've never powered up a router before. 

Located in the North Dallas area, there are some AirBNBs around, and I've also worked out a discounted rate with a local hotel for students.

All classes are by appointment and for the most part, they are one on one. However, if you and a pal want to come out to Sullyville for a class, I'm happy to schedule something for you!

So, what can I build?

In a nutshell, you'll build a guitar with bolt on construction with your choice of 6 or 7 string and your choice of scale (25.5, 24.75, etc). We'll get through the woodworking, fretwork, assembly, and basic wiring (vol/tone/selector switch). The only thing we don't do is paint work. 

Most students build a strat/super strat, tele/super tele style, but other body shapes can be built in class with a few exceptions (F-bird style bodies will be flat/no raised center block, and Sully specific body shapes are not available for class builds). You can upgrade to mahogany, swamp ash, or limba (korina) as well as a figured top, and I'll be nice enough to glue it up to your blank so that it's ready for you when class starts. To keep things moving along, the fretboard will be slotted and radiused before class, and you have the option of dot inlays (in whatever configuration you like) or no inlays. If you're taking an advanced class, you'll slot and radius your own fretboard.  Additional body contours (cutaways, heel)  is an upgrade option for the week long classes provided you work quickly. 

Taking the advanced course? Awesome! We're going to have a blast. Choose bolt on or set neck construction, your choice of 6 or 7 string, your choice of scale length, binding options and stainless steel fret installation are some of the additional things we can do. Prerequisites apply.  

Oh! I almost forgot!

Basses can be built, too. 

Kate designed her own guitar, built it, and kicked ass during the process.. be like kate.

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Build a body? Yep. Build a neck? Yep. Wire it, assemble it and set it up? Yep! Sixteen words to describe what you'll be doing with ol' Sully for six glorious days. You'll be provided an alder body blank, a maple neck blank, your choice of a maple or rosewood fretboard, a dual action truss rod, and nickel fretwire of your size preference. Be sure to ask about upgraded wood options as well as hardware packages!   

Tuition: $2400 + cost of hardware/electronics   (20% deposit, remaining balance due one week before class. Scheduled by appointment)


This seven day class covers everything we do in the beginner/novice class, but adds an extra day, which allows you to be more involved in the early stages. Options such as set neck construction, binding, fretboard slotting, making your own compound radiused fretboard, gluing up your own tops, and more! Be sure to ask about upgraded wood options as well as hardware packages!  Prerequisites apply. 

Tuition: $3000 + cost of hardware and electronics (20% deposit, remaining balance due one week before class. Scheduled by appointment)


Check out Pat's recap of the body course at; you'll almost feel like you're there!

...and then read all about Russ' experience at!

READY? LET'S GO. Get in touch and reserve your spot!

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See what the cool kids are saying:

Hi Sully,

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to express my sincere thanks for the opportunity to attend your complete build class! Your approach—knowing the specific issues guitar builders deal with, providing detailed explanations, and of course your awesome sense of humor—was exactly what I needed. Having minimal woodworking experience I was especially pleased with your patience and willingness to go above and beyond in explaining things in an easy to understand concise manner.

It would be a pleasure to recommend Sully’s Guitar Building classes to anyone interested in learning to build guitars and would be confident that they too will gain the same invaluable experience that I did.

Thank you!
— Mike L.

I can’t thank you enough for the experience of your build class. I learned a ton of useful information and gained a lot of confidence to start building on my own. That alone was worth the cost of the trip, but I’m also truly impressed with the instrument I made in the process!

I really appreciate what you do, both as a teacher and a luthier. I invested a lot into making that trip, and it was totally worth it. My experience was a dream come true, and I couldn’t be happier that I took the leap. So thank you a million times over!
— Russ M.
In addition to countless valuable lessons in guitar-building, I can confirm tacos were plentiful and enjoyed by all. Mmmmmmm...tacos.
— Steve F.
It’s such a blast - everyone go sign up with Sully and do this. I did it last week and I want to go back and do it again.
— Pat S.