STEVIE D - Buckcherry



Stevie D has toured the world many times over as a member of Buckcherry and now he's touring the world with a couple of '71 Trellas! Stevie is a phenomenal player and and we're very happy to be working with him.

Guitars: '71 Trella (x2), '71 SD, ‘92

ROMAN SURMAN - Wednesday 13


Roman shreds on a Sully, and you should, too!

Roman recorded the guitar work on the upcoming Wednesday 13 album, Necrophaze, with a Raven, and he’s just added an Elita to the arsenal.

“These guitars are amazing! Absolutely perfect for me. I've worked with great companies in the past, but I finally found the one. It's like every model of guitar I have played over the past few years rolled into one super search is over!! The detail and love that go into these things is incredible, and they look SO cool.”

We’re excited to have Roman join the family, and we look forward to working with him!

Guitars: Raven, Elita

Andee Blacksugar - KMFDM/solo artist


Andee shreds on a Sully, and you should too!

A very prolific artist, Andee has multiple outlets for his creativity; whether it's Black Sugar Transmission, Sheer Velocity (what he calls his outlet for the “more bizarre and indulgent musical notions”) to headcutting collaborations with players such as Vernon Reid, Jason Bieler, Dee J Nelson, Andy Wood, and most recently, Adam Nañez, to song for song covers of Madonna's first album, Joe Satriani's Surfing with the Alien, and most recently, Motorhead's Overkill album. Oh, and he's been working on the upcoming KMFDM album, too.

Dee J Nelson - ravens/solo artist


Dee J Nelson shreds on a Sully, and you should too!

Saying that Dee J Nelson is multi-talented is like saying that Keith Richards sorta liked to party. From his new band Ravens, to killer guitar-oriented instrumental projects like his newest release “ZERO” to iGod, his collaboration with Andee Blacksugar, to the occasional sighting as his alter ego Stitches the Zombie Guitarist, to teaching guitarists worldwide in person, via Skype, or via his successful releases Monster Power Chords and Lead Guitar DNA through Doug Marks Metal Method, you could say that he’s a busy guy. Check him out at his websitefacebookyoutubetwitter, and right here!

Guitars: Galaxy V, 624T, Raven, Stardust

Adam Nañez  - solo artist


Adam Nañez shreds on a Sully and you should too!

Adam Nañez is a guitarist and songwriter based out of Dallas, Texas. Having recorded and performed for many years with Plastic Tongue and The Suicide Hook, Adam has recently ventured into guitar-driven instrumental music.

With influences spanning from metal, blues, rock, funk and jazz, he has melded all of these elements into his playing style. With the help of long-time friends Danny Peeples (bass) and Ian Flannigan (drums), he formed The Adam Nanez Band. In the short time since being together, they have released their self-titled debut CD and opened for artists such as John 5, Marty Friedman, Ian Moore, Uli John Roth and Richie Kotzen. Check out their album here!

Guitars: Stardust, Raven, '71 Starling

Greg Marra - Plenty HEavy/solo artist

Greg Marra and his Conspiracy Series Stardust in matte black


Greg Marra is the guitarist and vocalist for the band Plenty Heavy based in Los Angeles, California. 

Greg has toured the US extensively, sharing the stage and studio with major label artists such as Bruce Bouillet (Racer X), Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big), Billy Sheehan (David Lee Roth), Ray Luzier (Korn), and many others. Besides releasing two full length solo records, Greg has released several singles as well - most notably "Lose an Ear" with Korn drummer Ray Luzier which garnered top 100 new rock singles on independent music charts. Greg’s new band Plenty Heavy has over 100 thousand views and engagements on social media outlets, and their new record, Colossus Maximus, is available worldwide on all digital media platforms. 

Guitars: Stardust, (x2) '71 Starling, Raven, 624T

Perfecto De Castro - Arnel Pineda/solo artist


Perfecto shreds on a Sully, and you should, too!

Perfecto De Castro is the quintessential guitarist’s guitarist. Well-versed in a multitude of musical styles, his affinity with the instrument is evident in everything he does; from unleashing an emotion-laden solo with an overdriven electric guitar, to navigating complex musical counterpoint on his 10-string classical guitar.

Perf, as he is known to Filipino music fans, is best recognized as the original guitarist for 90s Pinoy Rock supergroup  Rivermaya. Since his departure from the band he has added numerous credits to his wide and varied list of accomplishments; producing platinum-selling albums by Wolfgang and Marc Velasco, lending his guitar wizardry to Philippine Music Icons Mike Hanopol and Francis M, and garnering awards such as NU 107’s Guitar of the Year as well as from Philippine Music organizations Awit and Katha.

Based in Southern California since 2004, Perfecto continues to pursue a diverse musical career which ranges from solo Classical and World music concerts performed on the 10-string classical guitar, orchestral coalescence with the Filipino American Symphony Orchestra to hard hitting, down and dirty Rock N’ Roll with RockStallion. When Perfecto is not touring, he resides with his family in Los Angeles, where he teaches next generation guitarists in person and online via Skype while continuing to challenge himself with new musical ventures. Check out his youtube channel here!

Guitars: '71 Starling, Stardust, 624T, Elita

Justin Hold - Stareview/Dropsy

Justin and the '71 prototype hard at work in the studio


Justin Hold plays a Sully, and you should too!

Justin Hold, guitarist/bassist for Dallas rock band Stareview has been a long time Sully Guitars supporter. He's spent a bunch of time in the studio with some '71s, and now he's added a Stardust to the collection!  

Per Justin, "I've been jamming on the '71 and getting the feel for it. It's bad ass. Feels great to play."

Guitars: Stardust, '71 Starling

Acey Slade - misfits/joan jett/murderdolls/solo

ACey and his raven

ACey and his raven


Acey digs his Sully like a grave, and you will too!

Acey Slade has been a member of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame inducted Joan Jett and the Blackhearts as well as the re-united Misfits. As a writer and producer he has worked along side Earl Cohen (Lady Gaga/Jessica Simpson), Tom Camuso (Lenny Kravitz/DJ Logic/Ect).

A New York based musician with homes also in Los Angeles and Taipei, he has also Produced rock, punk, pop and hard rock artist. Acey has also performed guitar and bass clinics world wide-from Moscow Russia to Dallas TX. 

Guitars: Raven

Brett Aveni - solo artist


Brett plays a Sully, and you should, too!

Brett Aveni is a guitarist, composer, producer and co-owner of Fight Mannequins in  New Jersey.

Brett started his successful career with his band "The Substance" (APG Music).   He then began playing session work in NYC for various artist/labels including: Cher, Columbia Records, and Interscope Records. After taking a break from touring for years (opening for various acts including Maroon 5, Sugar Ray, Gavin DeGraw), Brett formed the critically acclaimed "Return to Earth" (Metal Blade Records) with his friend and world-famous drummer Chris Pennie (Coheed and Cambria, Dillinger Escape Plan).

Brett and Chris are now the co-owners and creative forces behind the successful Music Production Company Fight Mannequins.  Clients include: Ford Motors, Google, Bentley, Revlon, Benjamin Moore Paint and countless others.

Guitars: Stardust, Raven

Shane Lively - vii

Shane with his Galaxy V as Canis Diabolis with VII.

Shane shreds on a Sully, and you should, too!

With over 30 years of guitar and writing experience in his back pocket....Shane has done his best to make his mark on the Midwest metal and hard rock scene. His current project, VII delivers a unique brand of classic true metal; returning to the roots of what made heavy metal what it is today and garnered legions of faithful metal heads. They stick to their roots; full on true metal for true metal fans. 

Within VII, Shane's alter ego is Canis Diabolis, the evil half brother of Anubis; cast from the depths of the underworld for his uncontrollable wickedness. Part human….part jackal…Canis is known to lull victims into submission with a cacophony of foul chords before unleashing untold atrocities on their flesh and soul with 6 strings of electrified hate that not even Hades can contain.

Check out the VII facebook page, reverbnation page, and youtube channel

Guitars: Galaxy V


Jim Wisniewski

Jimmy Wiz may sing the blues, but he swears that his Raven makes him feel better!

Jim Wisniewski plays a Sully, and you should, too!

"Jimmy Wiz" handles guitar, vocals, and songwriting for Milwaukee's South End Blues Band. Among his main musical influences are John Lee Hooker, Chester Burnett, and Brint Anderson.

Check out the South End Blues Band at their website, their youtube page or on facebook.

Guitars: Raven

Kaitlyn Dever

Kaitlyn and her Strawberry Milk '92 prototype

Kaitlyn Dever plays a Sully, and you should, too!

Kaitlyn started taking guitar lessons from ol' Sully at the age of eight, and I'm convinced that the careful mix of fundamentals and the important stuff like the proper way to raise one's goblet to the Gods of Rock got her started off the right way. As she grew and progressed as a player, she inevitably outgrew her guitars. That problem was solved with a Sully '92. 

You may know Kaitlyn from her role as Eve Baxter, the daughter of Tim Allen's character on ABC's Last Man Standing, or as Loretta McCreedy in FX's Justified, or you may have caught her as a Girl Scout whose cookie sales pitch went sideways on HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm. She's been in movies such as Short Term 12, Bad Teacher, and The Spectacular Now, among many others.

Not only is she a talented actress and musician, but she's a great young lady who comes from one of my favorite families. And as busy as she is, she's still playing guitar; rather well, I might add! Rock on, sister!

Guitars: '92 Prototype

Interested in becoming a Sully artist? Cool. Get in touch.


When it comes to endorsement considerations, it's important for me to set the expectation that everyone pays full price for their guitar (at least on their first one); I'm not throwing free guitars at folks. When you think about it, that would be kinda mean; could you imagine being poked by one of my headstocks? Ouch. So yeah, the lovely and talented folks you see on this page paid for their guitars. 

I ask for the following information; Press kit, CD, Touring schedule, Management info, photos/press clippings from local or national magazines/newspapers, Web/Social network presence, and finally, why Sully guitars? This needs to be a mutually beneficial relationship and if something seems to be a good fit, I'll letcha know and we can take it from there.

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