A bit about me...

Hey, how's it goin? I'm Jon Sullivan, or as most people call me, Sully.


I got my first good electric guitar (a 1983 BC Rich NJ Warlock) at 14, and did my first pickup swap on it out of necessity. I’ve been working on guitars in one form or another since then. I learned a lot from my guitar teacher, Steve Harnack, an all around good guy who kinda kept me out of trouble as a teenage Sully. I hung around his store (Steve owns Park Avenue Guitarz in Lombard, IL,) like a stray cat, and Steve would let me hang out with him while he was doing repair work.   

I build high performance instruments that incorporate modern features, yet feel comfortable and allow you to create. From a design standpoint, I like to walk the line between the familiar and something a little more fresh. Overall, everything I build is made with the player in mind. Yes, the guitar should look, play, and sound great, but when you pick it up, it should get out of your way.