Hey sully, what kind of guitars do you build? 

Here's the Sully Guitars model lineup as well as some additional info about construction, paint and what not. Some models are available in 7 string configurations, and lefties are always welcome (and there's no upcharge for left handed guitars). 

the lineup

Click the guitar for more info about each model, and to order your own!


Headstocks; they can either complement or clash with the overall look of the instrument. While I know I can't please everyone, I'd like to think that we've got some great looking options for you. The Raven headstock can be ordered in standard orientation or reversed (as shown). The Aero headstock is available for all models, and the Raven headstock is available on all models except the '71.

Construction options

Usually, the 624, 624T, and Stardusts are bolt on guitars, while the set neck models are the '71, Raven, and Revolution. I do build neck through versions from time to time, but it's not a standard. Figured tops are certainly available, as well as matching headplates (and truss rod covers if you ask). By default, I use stainless steel frets for a permanent slinky feel, but if you want traditional nickel, that's all good, too.

Roger that. What woods do you use?

 Want Mahogany? You got it. Want streaky black limba? Rad. Basswood? You bet your asswood! While I’ve got my favorite woods to work with, I’m all about building YOUR guitar out of materials you’d like. If you’ve got a rough idea of what you’d like and want some advice, or want me to fill in the blanks, I’m happy to do so. Same thing goes for neck profiles; if there are a few profiles that you love, I’ll do my best to work with that and build you something that feels like an old friend.

Paint options

I'm pretty flexible on colors; as long as I can find a paint code (or a swatch), we're good. That said, here are a few samples of solid colors, trans finishes, and metal flake finishes to get the wheels turning.

sully, your guitars are shiny and pretty. I want something that looks RAtty, yet pretty. you got somethin' for me?


Let's face it, I'm a big fan of bright, sparkly things. I love glittery metal flake or shiny transparent finishes over highly figured woods, but I also love having something brand new that looks like it's been with you for years. And no; no one is dragging guitars behind cars here. I've shied away from using nitro lacquer as a finish for a few reasons, but I'm happy to say that for those who want nitro finishes or that aged look, we've got you covered, thanks to our partnership with the wonderful folks at Rock and Roll Relics. Take a look at the gallery below for some close up shots of two recent Sully guitars that have that worn in look. Aging is done on a sliding scale; you can go from "stored in a case for 30 years" to "stop the fight!" and anywhere in between. The guitars below are aged at what we'd call "level 2."

What else?

 Planning a custom order is exciting and can be a lot of fun, and I’ll do everything I can to assist in building your dream guitar. During the build process, you’ll get pictures, updates, and an open channel of communication. It's an honor to build tools for musicians that help them communicate. We’ve all got our ideas and preferences, and I’d love to work with you to make a special guitar that makes you smile when you see it, and gets out of your way and lets you create when you play it.