Just like a 624, but with a roundy bit up top! I made one of these on a whim, and since it went well, I figured I'd make it a model. Probably not going to see one of these built from pine planks or have the vintagey three saddle bridge thing, though. Pricing begins at $2450.


The 624T model is available in a bolt on construction with a contoured heel, 25.5 sale, 24 frets (stainless steel or nickel), 6 or 7 strings, your choice of Raven or Aero headstock, your choice of hollow block or a variety of slash inlays (full slashes, offset slashes, etc), your choice of Hipshot hardtail, two point tremolo, or Floyd Rose locking tremolo, and more!


Video demos

Check out this two part video demo of Doug Marks' Metal Method instructor Dee J Nelson and his 624T, won't you?