'71 Custom order form

By default, all '71 models have 22 frets, 25.5 scale, dual humbuckers, and Aero headstocks. You can customize your '71 further below!

Which version of the '71 would you like? The '71 Limited has a flat top, can have a forearm bevel (if there's no figured top), as well as a few different bridge options. The '71 Trella has a carved top, can be bound or not, and is available with a Tone Pros wraparound bridge or Floyd Rose tremolo.
Would you like binding around the body? *
Would you like binding around the fretboard and headstock? *
Tip from your pal Sully; don't bother adding locking tuners if you've got a locking nut, unless you just can't live without them.
Your Sully will come stock with Habanero Pickups (made in USA by Grover Jackson). They're excellent, hand wound in the US, very responsive, and can handle all styles. I cannot recommend them enough. You have your choice of four bridge pickups; Habanero Classic Bridge, Habanero Secret Menu, Habanero J80, and the Habanero Spicy. Available neck pickups are the Habanero Classic and Secret Menu (matches nicely with the Habanero Spicy).
All pickups feature Alnico magnets, so even when they get hot, they retain warmth and clarity.
Your '71 comes stock with one volume knob, one tone knob, and a three way toggle switch. If you like, you can opt for dual volume knobs (no tone). Of course, you can add coil splitting via push pull knob, too.
It's free :)
If you want a trans finish, don't choose these options
If you want a solid color, don't choose these
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