How do I paint my guitar?

Dear Sully sir, I'm going to change the paint of my guitar, also I've seen your video how to do it. My question is, my guitar is already bare naked to the wood; do I need a primer first, or go straight spray it with nitrocellulose? Also when do I have to apply the nitrocellulose clear can you guide me thru it please? I'd really appreciate it thank you..

There's a lot to cover with this. My recommendation is to research as much about finishing as you can before going any further with your project. In a nutshell, one would sand to 320, apply a sealer, shoot color, then clear (while sanding between sealer + color). A great book I'm happy to recommend is Dan Erlewine's Guitar Finishing Step by Step and go to Reranch and read Reranch 101. Finally, before you start painting your guitar, go to a hardware store and get yourself some inexpensive wood; use that for your practice work. Paint work is one of, if not the most challenging part of guitar building; there's a lot that can go wrong on you.