Testing - New site, new shirts, new guitars....new you? Why not?

Web overhaul. Whee!

You know you want one of these....

I've been busy, kids! Working on finishing up some guitars, designing guitar building courses, getting some 71 prototypes out in the world and in the recording studio. Lots of stuff. 

Speaking of stuff, here's a new Tshirt concept that will be available soon. It was designed with Justin Juknelis at Creatovision. 

The buildings are from Chicago and Dallas and I think do a nice job representing my past and present. My grandfather is standing atop the Hancock building, just like he was when it was being built in 1961. I have a picture of him in a suit and a hardhat, over 100 stories in the air. Very, very cool. The Grackle is there because I freekin' love them. If I ever left the Dallas area, I'd miss them. They sound so cool. And well....I figure that there should be a Sully headstock in there! Seems to make sense. I'll letcha know when these are available so you can get your hot little hands on them.