Let the madness begin!

It's time!

In life, there have been those moments that are so impactful that they change our direction. As we look back, we can point to them and say "this helped me get to where I am now" and when we look back on those times, we're brought back to that moment and we're there all over again; that feeling hits, the hair on your arm stands up, all of it. 

The Tribute Series is intended to honor those that set me on my path - not just the players and their guitars, but their life-altering impact as well. 

The 2016 Tribute Series is a five piece limited batch of guitars that honor a kid from Burbank, California who Sailed Across The Ocean (see what I did there?) and revolutionized lead guitar playing in 1980. 

This run is very near and dear to me, and I think I've put together a fantastic tribute to a very special guitar player one of his very iconic guitars. Check out the Tribute Series page for more info and to get yours while you can!