Holy crap, I've been slacking on updates....!

First off, sorry 'bout that! I'm glad that most of you are keeping tabs on the facebook page, instagram, and twitter! So, let's get on with the updates, shall we? 


The Kickstarter campaign was a smashing success, and THANK YOU to all who contributed! Soon after the campaign ended, I got to work on sprucing the shop up; new tools, better lighting, new furniture/storage, and a general cleanup never hurts, either! I was planning on a video documenting the process, and I've got some of it shot, but I think it kinda fell by the wayside. I'll have to go through the footage and see what's there. 

Oh! I was asked to guest on a crowdfunding based podcast called The Crowdfunding Way. Here's a link to the interview: 

Thanks to everyone who contributed and got the word out; your support means everything to me. 

More podcastery!

Flashing somewhat forward to April, I was invited to appear on a fun podcast called Amps and Axes. The hosts Jeff Bober and Mick Marcellino were great, and I had a blast. Check it out, won't you? 


For those that are fans of Sully's Guitar Garage and have been wanting new content, boy are you in luck! Many Kickstarter supporters chose to sponsor an episode; that means you get more videos! There have been quite a few new ones, along with new opening credits. Here's a teaser for a build series dedicated to building a neck through Raven:

The first few episodes have been released, as you can see here:

I've also started uploading videos where I answer building related questions, so subscribe to the channel, won't you?


Some may remember back in the summer of 2014 I announced my plan to make a small batch of guitars inspired by Lita Ford's black Hamer Standard. The small batch sold out quickly, and the first two are completed and with their respective owners. Here are a few shots:

Once the five are built, that's it! While there is a small chance that I'll revisit the shape in the future (most likely a reworked version), I'd say it's highly unlikely. I tried getting some pix to Lita via Instagram, but I don't know if she ever saw them. 


Let's face it; there's no Sully guitar that I'm more excited about than the '71. I'm happy to say that there will be many more of these built throughout the year (the carved top model, too). Here are some shots of four '71s that are moments away from the finish process.

...what's the last pic of the white one with stripes, you ask? Well, you'll need to get on the mailing list to find out about a VERY special, VERY limited run that will be coming soon......! Click here and get on the mailing list now!

Even more podcastery?!?!? You madman!

Yep. The most recent update I've got for you is that I'm the new co-host of The Luthierist Podcast with Paul Rhoney of Rhoney Guitars. Great dude, and I think that we're gonna have a good time with these. Check it out here, subscribe, and then join the group on Facebook, won't you? 

I THINK that's it for now, I've gotta get back to work!