Sully Guitars collaboration with legendary Grover Jackson

It's with massive amounts of excitement that I announce a collaboration with the one and only Grover Jackson. This summer, Grover and I will be building a batch of the Sully Guitars flagship model, the '71 Trella, which will be available to select dealers in the US and Australia. There will be some figured tops, some solid colors, and some pretty unique finishes that I'm sure you'll dig. 

The guitars are expected to be complete in mid/late September and will be available via Red Dragon Guitars, Boxcar Guitars, and The Guitar Sanctuary in the US, and at Tone Town Music and Hawkes Customs (link coming soon) in Australia. 

Here's a photo of Grover and I with the first '71 Trella prototype as well as a very early '71 Limited that we'll be using as a reference for the backshape of the neck. The last image is a basic rendering of the guitar with the updated specs (hollow block inlays and an added tone knob)

I'll be visiting Grover's shop in southern California in a few days and we'll get the ball rolling! Stay tuned for more updates about this rather exciting time!