Andy Timmons checks out a Sully

I saw Andy Timmons while at The Guitar Sanctuary in McKinney today. I wanted to test out the Spanish Cedar Raven on a nice amp before shipping it. I'd never visited The Guitar Sanctuary before, but knew that they carried very high end equipment, so I drove out there. Really nice place, and they were super nice to me. I got to plug in to a nice Mesa (I forget the model), and started noodling around a bit on the clean channel. All was good, so I kicked it over to the distorted channel and started playing Shock Me. I hear two guys start singing along, and sure enough, one of them is Andy Timmons! He played the guitar for a bit, was very complimentary, and was nice enough to pose for a pic!

I really enjoyed the short time I spent there, so if you're in the area, go check them out!