Making a body blank

Among other things, a new guitar is in the works for Dee Jay Nelson. I call this one a 624T. That said, here's how you build a body in three easy steps:

 1. Trace your body shape on the blank (to make sure you'll have enough foom for it) and then join the gluing faces so they're nice and flat.

2. Lay on some Titebond wood glue to the gluing faces and clamp, clamp, clamp! Make sure you've got some wax paper underneath to prevent yourself from gluing the blank to your workbench, and make sure that you're applying downward pressure on the body as you're clamping it up. Glue can act as a lubricant and it's not uncommon for the halves to want to move around while you're trying to tighten the clamps. Sometimes it's like trying to wrangle cats.


3. Hydrate.


And that's it!