Guitar World interviews Dee J Nelson

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Sully endorsee Dee J Nelson was recently interviewed by Guitar World blogger James Wood. He discusses how he got started, his album It's Alive!, working with Doug Marks and what he's currently up to. 


Guitarist Dee J Nelson is making a name for himself.

The Chicago-based southpaw shredder, whose DVDs, Monster Power Chords and Lead Guitar DNA, have become hugely popular on Metal Method, has recently released It’s Alive, an album of guitar wizardry that will have players everywhere asking, “How’d he do that?”

Dee J credits some of his early influences to the Sex Pistols and Naked Ray Gun. But it wasn’t until he saw Steve Vai perform that everything changed.

“When I saw Vai play for the first time, that was it for me," Nelson said. “That’s when I knew I wanted to be a guitar player.”


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Sully Guitars featured in an article about the popularity of the Chicago Flag

Earlier this week, I got an email from a producer/web engineer at It’s the web site for the Chicago Public Radio station. Apparently, Elliot was writing an article about the popularity of the Chicago flag and he saw one of the pictures of the Raven that I made with the Chicago flag graphic on it. He wanted to use (what I thought was) a lousy picture of the guitar, and while I gave him permission, I offered to send better pictures. We corresponded a bit, and he asked if he could quote some of our conversation.

I didn’t really think much would come of it, but I just saw that the article is up on their site now. I’m floored; they even gave me a plug!

...DeWyze’s sentimental need to identify with his former home is shared by a fellow musician, Jon “Sully” Sullivan, who took his love of Chicago and manufactured a line of guitars themed with the city flag.

“When building the guitar and trying to decide on the color, the idea just hit me....

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