Mornin' kids!

I woke up early today and roughed in some body contours on the 71 proto before heading to the office. Definitely a great way to start one's day.

Seems like an apropriate song!

Dust masks are important. As is decorating said dust mask. Also, I love my microplanes!

Roughed in the forearm bevel

Roughed in the cutaway contour and the lap contour

Here's how it is now; clearly a lot more work to do, but it's time to hop in the shower and go to work.



Some progress on the '71

Since it’s been too cold to shoot the remaining clear coats on some guitars that are almost done, I did some work on a couple of necks for the ’71 prototypes; nothing too major, just shaping the blanks, routing the truss rod channel, then adding the fretboard to one of them. The one without a fretboard will have a headstock veneer, so I need to get that on before moving further. So here ya go.