DJ Nelson's Monster Power Chords DVD is now on sale through Doug Marks' Metal Method!

DJ's new DVD is a "must have" for beginners & intermediates

This is the DVD of DJ's popular book and software download, Monster Power Chords. If you're a beginner or intermediate guitarist, buy this program, it's killer.  There's a great video demonstration on the catalog page but it doesn't quite do this DVD justice.  I find it difficult to explain just how much stuff DJ has crammed into this program.  The course includes the complete original Monster Power Chords book in PDF format.  We were selling the book alone for $12.95.  The program includes drum tracks to help your timing.  It also includes complete backing tracks to jam with. There are scale charts to help with lead improvisation, 46 exercises, guitar tab, and Guitar-Pro files, and above all DJ is a really good instructor. This program is over an hour in length. This is the perfect holiday gift to give or receive.  Check it out:DJ Nelson's Monster Power Chords