Building a neck/reclaiming a fretboard and truss rod

While waiting for parts to arrive in order to complete some guitars, I decided to remove an ebony fretboard and truss rod from a neck that I built (but will not use) and use them to complete a neck blank. Recycling is good! The neck blank was ready for headstock binding as well, so I decided to get out the ol' clothing iron and have a old time fretboard removal/headstock binding party. Here's how it went:

 Set the iron on its highest setting and start at the end of the fretboard. I used a t-shirt rag between the iron and the fretboard. If you're going to do this, leave the frets in; it'll help transfer the heat from the iron and get the glue softened up. This task isn't particularly difficult, but it does take time to heat the glue up enough so that you can separate the fretboard from the neck. 

While the iron does its job, I got to work on binding the headstock. I'd add a strip, then go back to the iron and work on the fretboard removal, and then repeat.

Just about done!

Now the fretboard is off; next step is getting the truss rod out (pretty simple, it mostly just lifts out).


I clamped the fretboard to a flat surface to keep it nice and flat and prevent any curling that may occur, and you can see how the neck should look when complete. 

The next evening, I scraped the binding flush with the ebony and pulled the frets. The fretboard will need to be trimmed so that it can be bound, and you definitely don't want to rout a fretboard with stainless steel frets in it; be nice to your router bits!


Starting to look more like a neck!


Last update

Sorry for the lack of updates, and I'll be sure to keep you all much more informed! Going to be very busy for the rest of the year. 

Some CAD work in preparations of things to come...

Fun with scarf joints: added some ebony between the maple. Should create a nice little black band after the neck has been shaped. 

Sculpting out a neck heel on a neck thru Galaxy V. This one will be going to see my pal Mike Learn in the very near future....!

Decided to have some fun on the back of this Spanish Cedar reverse Raven body and put the jack on the back!

Maple laminated neck blank...

...and I'm spent!


Making some necks

The one on the right is 3 piece maple, 25.5 scale ebony board, MOP dots. The one on the left is scarf jointed, has a 25 scale, and I routed the headstock for binding. Not sure what fretboard wood I’ll put on it, but will most likely be rosewood. They’ll both get SS frets. I’ve got two more 3 piece maple necks that have been routed for truss rods; they're getting their ears glued on.