Neck angles on a neck through guitar

Hi, I had a few questions regarding necks and fingerboards, I hope to build my own guitar in the future and would like to know, on the neck through body guitars that you built, did you angle the neck, or keep the neck flat with the body? if you kept the neck flat with the body did you have the neck raised up slightly from the body?

 Hey there,

As with any other guitar, neck angles should be considered with neck through construction. Some bridge types require no angle (like a strat style trem, or a recessed Floyd, for example), whle Tune o Matic bridges, non-recessed Floyds, Kahlers (::shudders::) will require an angle to be taken into consideration. You can achieve this by putting the angle into the neck portion or into the body. Up to you.  However, if you’re installing a bridge that doesn’t require an angle, you’ll still most likely need some kind of drop from the neck to the body. Take a strat style trem or a recessed Floyd; you’ll need to have the body roughly 3/8” from the top of the fretboard at it’s highest point. In other words, if you’ve got a fretboard that’s ¼” thick at the high point of the radius, you’ll need to rout 1/8” off of the body surface.