Catalyzed urethane finishes?

Hello. First off I would like to compliment your work. Every aspect of your instruments are top notch.
I have a question regarding finishing. I have a strat that I want to refinish in urethane basecoat/clearcoat(2 stage auto paint which I have been told is what was used on it originally). I have sanded it down to bare wood, and was wondering what products you would suggest ? Sealer, primer, basecoat, clearcoat?
Hey there, thanks for the kind words!
I currently use Advantage urethane primer (specifically the #312 Primer surfacer), then PPG basecoat (the Omni line is more economical than a DBC basecoat and is colorfast) with PPG/Omni MC161 clear. You can shoot the primer on bare wood (sanded to 320) without issue. Obviously, you'll need to have proper spray AND safety equipment (respirator, tyvek suit, gloves, goggles). There's obviously many suitable products, but that's what I'm using. Good luck!


Is catalyzed urethane ok for guitars?

Thanks so much for all the videos!!  I've learned so much from you while building my first guitar.  I had a quick question on clear coating.  My plan is to do the zpoxy thing over mahogany and tint the clear. I have some experience using PPG automotive clear and wondered if it's ok to use on a guitar or is it best to use a clear designed for  guitars?  I'm guessing the car stuff would dry faster?

Yep! Catalyzed urethanes are fantastic for this sort of thing. I use 'em, too. Shoot 2-3 coats of clear, sand flat with 600 grit the next day, and shoot about 3 more coats.