New videos?

Sully, more videos coming soon????

Good question! I’ve tried to write a brief answer for you, but clearly you already know my penchant for yammering on. So with that in mind…..

The videos have been a lot of fun to do, but while I’ve been filming these things and sharing over the years, my main purpose has been to get a guitar company established. I noticed when I did those two fretting videos that it killed an entire weekend. That was kind of an eye opener. Shooting all of it, trying to sound relatively coherent, trying to make it somewhat entertaining, and editing it all later takes a lot of time; time that quite frankly, needs to be spent on completing customer orders. Since I don’t build guitars full time, I have very limited time available, and I need to spend it more wisely.

I’ve been meaning to do a brief update of what I’ve been doing, and will probably get around to it, but I don’t foresee more than a couple of quick hits here and there over the next few months, and possibly going forward. I hate saying that, because let’s face it, those videos have helped me a lot and I’m super aware of that. I’m happy that anyone finds them useful or at least mildly entertaining, and I’m incredibly grateful for that. On the other hand, I’ve stopped accepting any new guitar builds at least until October of this year so that I can finish the orders that I have now, and complete a couple more prototypes. Thankfully. I’ve got some things in place to add some automation, so hopefully I won’t need to stop taking orders for long periods of time in the future.