Z-poxy on Alder?

Big fan of your work, thanks for sharing so much. Have yet another z-poxy question, as I am getting all sorts of different answers on the google. I am finishing a guitar for the first time, was planning on white primer then lake placid blue then clear, all laquer. It is an alder body. Can I use z-poxy as both filler and sealer, then spray my laquer? Some people claim adhesion issues, others not. I have also attempted to turn the guitar blue by pure force of will, but staring at it really hard has also not worked...

So here's the good news; Alder does not require grain filling. That means no Z-Poxy needed. Sand it to 320, shoot your sealer, then your primer (even though they kinda achieve the same thing), then color and clear. 

Now exhale.  It's gonna be okay.