Z-Poxy - FAQs

 One of the most common questions I get seems to be related to Z-Poxy; what can be used over it, under it, should I use it, is it good with fish or better with beef) So I thought I’d try to shed a bit of light on all of the above. 

Where can I get it?

I get it from LMI

When to use it: “I’ve got an Alder/Basswood/Poplar/Maple body and___________.”

Stop – you don’t need to use Z-Poxy because those woods have tight grain and do not require filling. Seal it/prime it, shoot your color, clear, and collect your $200. Although if the wood you’re finishing is Mahogany, Ash, Korina/Limba, Walnut, Spanish Cedar, you’ll definitely be pore filling (unless you like the open pore look. I don’t, but that’s me, and you asked. :) ).

 Can I shoot nitro or catalyzed urethane clear over it?


Can I mix stain/dye/tint into the Z-Poxy?

I wouldn’t; you’ll usually have 3-4 applications before it’s complete, and you may have some sand throughs and such (just like with clear coat sometimes – D’oh!), which means your color will be uneven. So….if you’re planning on a transparent finish that you’re applying directly to the wood, do that first, then add your Z-Poxy, but keep in mind that with the multiple coats, you may have uneven color. One other thing to consider is tint; there’s definitely an amber tint to the stuff, and in many cases, that’s fine. However, if you’ve got an ash body that you just wiped blue dye on, you’ll have a trans greenish body after the Z-Poxy hits it, and that’ll make you a sad lil’ panda.

Do I need to add a sealer of some kind on top of the Z-Poxy?

I’d say it depends. If you’re shooting a transparent finish of some sort over the Z-poxy (like I did on this Raven), it would serve as a nice barrier between the Z-Poxy and what you’re about to shoot over it. Say for example, that you were going to shoot a burst pattern but didn’t like how it came out, so you decide to sand it back – aren’t you glad you have some protection on the Z-Poxy so you don’t have to reapply it in a spot because you sanded through it? Yes, yes you will. However, if you’re shooting a solid color over it, I wouldn’t bother; shoot your primer over it and move on.



Sanded back, want to stain and clear; do I need Z-Poxy?

First guitar being rebuilt as we speak. A 2000 Mexican Made Fender Telecaster, Midnight blue(purple). the Guitar itself is amazing. I had to get rid of the color. I have the guitar sanded down to bare wood(alder). My plan is to use a wood conditioner, a dark stain(minwax) and some poly over top. Buffed to a beautiful shine. Am I able to use Z-poxy over my stain? or will that mess it up?

Since the body is Alder, there is no need to invite Z-Poxy to the party. I would, however, recommend shooting sealer over your color before you clear it, though.

Z-poxy + stain?

Sully, I'm loving this Z-Poxy stuff as a grain filler. The answer to a luthier's prayer.
Question: can I stain OVER Z-Poxy? I use analine dyes discolved in alcohol . I will be using two part catalyzed urethane clear as the finial finish.
Thanks so much, 
Brian in Michigan

Hey Brian, 

The Z-poxy is going to act as a sealer, so it's not going to take stain. That said, if you mix your color into clear or untinted base coat, you can spray it on. Since you're already using the catalyzed urethane for clear, just get yourself a quart of untinted base coat; PPG makes one that is DBC 550. That's what I shot the Spanish Cedar Raven's tobacco burst with.


Z-poxy on Alder?

Big fan of your work, thanks for sharing so much. Have yet another z-poxy question, as I am getting all sorts of different answers on the google. I am finishing a guitar for the first time, was planning on white primer then lake placid blue then clear, all laquer. It is an alder body. Can I use z-poxy as both filler and sealer, then spray my laquer? Some people claim adhesion issues, others not. I have also attempted to turn the guitar blue by pure force of will, but staring at it really hard has also not worked...

So here's the good news; Alder does not require grain filling. That means no Z-Poxy needed. Sand it to 320, shoot your sealer, then your primer (even though they kinda achieve the same thing), then color and clear. 

Now exhale.  It's gonna be okay.


Transparent finish over Z-Poxy?

I am currently making a guitar, and I am just starting body work, I want to map everything out first though. I know you must have been asked this a million times, but I will sand the finished body, put on z-poxy, sand that (repeat), then for a reddish finish (similar to that of a cherry SG) I will mix that in with the clear as it won't stick to the z-poxy? What would I use to tint the clear!? I'm completely in the dark when it comes to this and suggestions from anyone would be appreciated! Tanks 

Shoot a thin layer of intercoat clear over the zpoxy (or just use clear if you’re shooing lacquer) so that you have a barrier between that and your finish (in case you have to sand back your color coats) Get your hands on some trans tint (stewmac, lmi, woodcraft, etc) and mix that into your clear. When you get the desired shade, shoot it. Then finish it off with your clear topcoats.