Z-poxy + stain?

Sully, I'm loving this Z-Poxy stuff as a grain filler. The answer to a luthier's prayer.
Question: can I stain OVER Z-Poxy? I use analine dyes discolved in alcohol . I will be using two part catalyzed urethane clear as the finial finish.
Thanks so much, 
Brian in Michigan

Hey Brian, 

The Z-poxy is going to act as a sealer, so it's not going to take stain. That said, if you mix your color into clear or untinted base coat, you can spray it on. Since you're already using the catalyzed urethane for clear, just get yourself a quart of untinted base coat; PPG makes one that is DBC 550. That's what I shot the Spanish Cedar Raven's tobacco burst with.