What a week!

So here's what's new:



I figured that I'd throw together a design for the students in the building courses, but with the response that its received, they just MIGHT be available to everyone. However, if I open up the gates, students will get theirs free of charge

Everyone knows that ol' Sully prefers his meals in a tortilla and that a taco is never really far from his mind. So why not give a taco shoutout on a shirt? Exactly. 

Want one? Of course you do. Details to follow.

Road trip!

Took a little jaunt up to Tulsa, OK to hang out with my pal Pete (Sully Guitars VP of Electronics Engineering). We wired up the plum crazy Catfish, checked out Jake E. Lee's new band, Red Dragon Cartel at a private event for Lava Cable, and if that wasn't enough, we shot a demo video for the '71. Oh! I also recorded a cover of Calling Dr. Love with the '71; replacing all of the guitar parts with my own.

If you're going to wire up a purple guitar, and you have purple wire available to you, you'd kinda be an ass not to use it, right? Right. We also got crazy and grabbed some green wire and made an output jack braid with a nod to the clown prince of Gotham City, The Joker. 

So all that's left to do for this one is to paint the headstock, dress the frets, and send it to its owner. Good times!

Red Dragon Cartel - Lava Cable Anniversary event

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Lava Cable brought Red Dragon Cartel - Jake E. Lee's new band for a show and a Q&A with Jake. Jake has been one of my favorite guitar players since I was 13, and I was psyched. Pete and I were right at the stage and I got some shots.


The band played a short set, but man, they were killer. Go get their record if you haven't already. Go on, I'll wait. 

In hopes of getting a chance to meet Jake at the event, I brought one of my only non-Sully guitars; my custom shop Charvel that was as close to Jake's original Whitey as Charvel would allow at the time. Jake chatted with me about the guitar, and how he likes to have his pickguards laid out. He signed the back of the headstock and Pete took the pic. 


Calling Dr. Sully

After the gig, Pete had an idea; "Hey Sully, you wanna record something with the '71? I've got a ton of songs broken into stem files......."  He had Calling Dr. Love (one of my favorite KISS tracks), which I was happy to record, so we fired up his Kemper Profiling Amp, and we were off. Take a listen, won't you? Gene, Paul, and Peter are still on there, but that's ol' Sully playing the part of Ace (...well, and Paul's guitar, too).  I do have to say that hearing my guitar tracks mixed in along with the original tracks makes 8-year-old-Sully pretty freekin' happy.

More videos? Jeez Sully, did you sleep? 

Yep, I filmed a demo of the '71 prototype, and I've got a bunch of video to edit. Stay tuned! Here are a couple of pics from the shoot (starring a portion of Pete's Wall of Amps). 

Oh, I also did a demo video for Panama Guitars - they're the makers of the white cabinets that you see in the pics. They're made of tonewoods and sound pretty bitchin!

Wrap it up, Wordy Mc Worderstone!

So yeah, that was most of my week. I'll work on getting the '71 demo video edited as well as part 2 of Dee J's 624 T demo. And y'know....finish up some guitars, too. I just gotta get over the cold from hell. ugh.