Build updates

Hey kids!

This super sweet plum crazy metallic Catfish is almost done. I started the assembly and strung it up over the weekend to test it out real quick, and it's one super loud guitar! It's gonna sound great plugged in, I'm sure. It'll be wired up this week, then disassembled so I can paint the headstock. Once that's done, it's outta here and off to its new home. It's fun to watch these little rock machines leave the nest.

As if one purple catfish wasn't enough, there's a second one that's getting close to being finished. That one still has a fair amount of work to do, but I figured you'd dig some progress pics. Who doesn't dig progress pics? Jerks, that's who. 


As some may have noticed, there haven't been many build related videos as of late. That's because I'm saving that for something rather special that will be announced in the next month or so.


I'm heading up to Tulsa, OK to visit my pal (and Sully Guitars VP of electronics engineering) Pete this week. Pete has a ridiculous amp collection and we'll be doing a demo of the Sully 71 prototype. We're also going to go see Jake E. Lee's new band, Red Dragon Cartel, so that'll be pretty sweet. Anyway, look for the '71 demo video in about a week or so. 

...and then?

Besides those two purple lovelies above, there are a couple of 624s that are just about complete, so stay tuned for that!

...and thennnnn?