Movin' along, singin' a song, gettin' shit done.

Hey kids!

Getting a little paint work done before the next building class starts; this time, I'm shootin' headstocks. One of the cool things about using masks for logos is that you can paint them whatever color you want. In this case, I went gold. We have one headstock painted Plum Crazy, while the other is just clearcoat over ebony. MMMMMMMMMM ebony goodness. I love ebony. 

After I applied the stencil and mummified the necks, I got shooting. Truth be told, the gold logo on the purple wasn't my favorite, so I sanded it back and reshot the purple. I followed it up with a black logo, which looked wayyyy better. Once the headstock was cleared and buffed, I decided to paint the truss rod cover to match; why not? It's already got a painted switch tip, so there's some consistency, which is cool. Really happy with how that turned out, and that one should be going to its owner shortly. The gold logo over ebony was one of those that came together effortlessly; gotta love when that happens! 

As you can see, there are five more necks whose headstocks have been primered; lather, rinse, repeat!

Sometimes reminders can be very helpful!

Sometimes reminders can be very helpful!