Logo fest, GoPro test, and all the rest!

Yep, ol' Sully's been busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. Let's start with some headstock logoing, shall we? Yep. 

Let's logo some headstocks!

Five headstocks, two with binding (the white one has ivoroid binding and hard to see in the pic), one gold logo, one black, three silver. Oh, and I had to clear coat the plum crazy painted truss rod cover, too. I also figured that it'd be a good time to test out the GoPro camera and you can watch it all happen. 

Since you no doubt enjoyed the music (a collaboration between Dee J Nelson and Andee Blacksugar), get it here!

Taco shirt order update

To those who signed up for the pre-order of the Guitar Building Academy/Taco Appreciation Society t-shirts, thank you for your patience! The first batch of shirts had some printing issues, and the replacement batch should be arriving this week. Thanks again for hanging in there.  

Sending the Plum Crazy big rock machine home

Yep, this little dude is done and will be going to its owner very soon! 

Want one like it? Well, send me a quote request and treat yo self!

That's it for now, time to get the shop ready for a neck building class this weekend!