New dates announced for guitar building classes!

Ahhh yes, my dear, at long last, fortune has smiled upon you!

Come take a class with your ol' pal Sully! You've seen the videos and pictures from the classes, and let's face it,  you want to come to Sullyville, build a guitar, and have some tacos. Come gain some experience, and have a great time! It's like guitar fantasy camp, but you don't have to pay five grand to say hi to Paul Stanley.

So without further yammering on, I'm happy to announce the next batch of dates.

Spend some quality time with ol' raspy!

Neck building class - September 5-7 ONE SPOT LEFT!
Body building class - September 13-14 ONE SPOT LEFT!
Complete build class - September 22-27

Body building class - October 4-5
Neck building class - October 10-12
Complete build class - October 20-25

November: TBD
Classes are small and sell out quickly, so get in touch to reserve your spot!