A long overdue update!

Wow, a lot has happened since our last update. Lots of fun stuff, and some sad stuff, but if you're ready to read, I'm ready to drag you through it.

Shop updates

In dire need of a re-org, I spun the shop counterclockwise 90 degrees, made some mobile tool stands, bought a cool old drill press, a new planer, and I made a sweet 3 piece neck-blank-smasher-togetherer kinda thing. Oh. I also added the ever important beer bottle opener to the bench. I like it; it has a nice message. Who knows, maybe I'll hire him for some PR work in the future.


Finished '71 prototype number dos

Yep. It's done (okay, I gotta make a truss rod cover, but close enough). Mahogany body and neck, maple cap, kickass honeyburst in an even cooler burst pattern (thanks to Stike at Rowyco Kustoms in NC) Tone Pros wraparound bridge (LOVE IT!), and some KILLER pickups from Habanero Guitar Parts (a subsidiary of Grover Jackson's GJ2 company). There's a Habanero Classic in the neck position, and a yet-to-be-named model in the bridge position that I'm testing out. It's wound a little hotter than the Habanero Classic (which is generally around 8-9k) and not as hot as a Habanero Spicy (generally around 16-17k). I wonder if I can get them to call it the Habanero "That Sully Really Loves." I'm guessing not, but I'll ask.  Anyway, this one is a screamer like it's sibling. And yes...numero trois is underway. It'll have a mix of what I like most about each of the first two. Makes sense, eh?



John Corabi acoustic

Mrs. Sully and I caught John Corabi's show at Trees in Dallas; what a great show. Along with material from The Scream, Motley Crue, and Union, he did his killer cover of Aerosmith's "Seasons of Wither" which happens to be the greatest song ever written. By anyone. We got to chat a bit after the show and geeked out about how much we love Aerosmith. Super nice guy, super great show.  

A surprise from Dee J Nelson and Andee Blacksugar

Andee Blacksugar is currently touring the world as Peter Murphy's guitarist, and when the tour landed in Chicago, he and Dee J Nelson got to hang out and have a blast. I got to chat with them a bit via Face Time, and it was a lot of fun. I really hope that they'll get to record something again in the near future.  Andee got to check out Dee J's Sullys (a Galaxy V and his newer 624T), and he really loved the 624T. There's a '92 in the works for Andee, so I'll have to remember the awesomeness that I put into the 624T!  

The Peter Murphy LION tour came through Dallas on the 30th, so Mrs. Sully and went, had a great time, and got to hang out with Andee after the show. A ton of fun, for sure.

Rest in peace, Aslan

And the sad stuff. We recently had to help end the suffering of one of my greyhounds, Aslan. He was just short of his 14th birthday (most greys live to about 12), and his arthritis was finally getting the better of him. He was the happiest guy ever, and never met a stranger. He was at his best when we had a house full of people; he'd go see everyone and work the room so well that sometimes we'd call him The Mayor. He's definitely missed, not just by me, but by his other greyhound companion, Nico. She's having a hard time without him, and I guess that means we'll find her a pal soon. 

Oh yeah...guitars! 

There will be some stuff finished up and outta here in the very near future. There's a white 624 that was just buffed out as of this writing, a mahogany 624 that just got a really killer red dye applied to it (it looks like red velvet cake in person), a neck thru Galaxy V that's about to get it's finish applied, a CRAZY topped purple catfish that's about to be buffed out, and oh man...soooo many many more. There are a bunch of guitars in the build channel, so you'll be seeing a lot of new stuff soon!