Announcing the '71 Trella

I want to share something with you that will be with me at NAMM. Yeah, of course, it's a guitar, but it's a lot more to me. When I drew the first draft of the '71 in 2009, I intended for it to have a carved top, but I wanted to just get some prototypes built and refine as I went. At this time, there are twelve '71s in existence, and I've shared pictures of them with you over the past few years. I've purposely kept this one somewhat under wraps until now.

At this moment, there are three different '71 lines; the '71 Student, the '71 Limited, and finally, the '71 Trella. The '71 Trella is named in honor of my Mother in law, who passed away in November 2014. I could write a whole other post about how wonderful she was, but I'll just say that we had a shorthand between us. Maybe it was that we were both musicians/creative types with similar senses of humor, I don't know, but she called me son and meant it. It seems fitting to me that the flagship '71 be named in tribute to her.

There will be a lot more about the '71 Trella to come this year, but for now, I'm happy to share these photos with you. I hope that you like them, and I look forward to building one for you.