NAMM 2016 recap

NAMM. Wow. What a fun trip! It was really great to share a spot with my dear friend Perry Ormsby and get our guitars into the hands of as many players as we could over a 4 day stretch. It was a fantastic experience attending as an exhibitor, and I look forward to making it out there again for 2017. 

The trip started with a stop to visit Grover Jackson; I shipped my guitars to his shop so Perry, Mrs. Ormsby, and I met there before heading over to the Anaheim Convention Center (where NAMM is hosted). It was an absolute thrill to show my guitars to someone who has had such a huge impact on me as a guitar builder. Little did I know that this would become a bit of a common thread throughout the show. It was great to get Mister J's thoughts about my guitars, to say the least. 

We got the booth setup and ready to go, and we had non stop visitors, players, friends, and distributors all 4 days of the show. Premier Guitar came by the booth on day 2 to interview Perry and I, and I was stoked to learn that they featured the '71 in their highlights of day 2 coverage! It was just great meeting new people and seeing friends and fellow builders again. 

As expected, it was a blast. Perry and I made some great contacts, sold guitars, and had a great time. Of course, if you'd like to hear more about the whole NAMM thing, check out the most recent episode of The Luthierist Podcast! Paul Rhoney, Doug Kauer, and I chat about the whole thing. 

If you were there and came by, thanks! NAMM 2016 was equal parts exciting, rewarding, and exhausting. Cannot wait to do it again!